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1962 TRIUMPH TR4 Convertible

E verybody loves a convertible. Driving at dusk up the coast with the wind in your hair and that special someone by your side...there’s nothing quite like it. Sure, there are lots of new drop-tops on the market, but what’s the fun in that? It's better to own a car that’s collectible, vintage, and something not everyone can attain easily. Trouble is, much of the rolling art pieces we cherish have already approached stratospheric levels in price - MGAs, Austin-Healeys, Porsche 356s, etc. For instance, a ‘67 Jaguar XKE convertible goes for around $50K+ nowadays, and people are happy to pay that amount, just to own such a car.

Among those classics that have always been desired by enthusiasts are the early Triumph TR4s. Collectors definitely appreciate the cars’ "vintage" appeal and charismatic charm. These roadsters share the same traditions of their early British brethren: top-down fun, raspy little engines, full gauge instrumentation, and simplicity. Nowadays, nearly 50 years after their introduction, TR4s are quite rare. A car of this caliber can only appreciate in value as the years go on.

Triumphs have always had a cult following, epitomizing sports car tradition and exuding plenty of British character. You may have always admired these pretty convertibles, maybe even owned one years ago. But suppose you wanted to purchase one of these appreciating classics now?

Unfortunately, over the decades many a TR4 has fallen prey to neglect, accidents, or unknowing owners who drove them into the ground. The 1962 example offered here is a survivor. This one lived its entire life in the highly sought enclave of Monterey & Carmel, California, owned many years by the same distinguished gentleman.


Showing off the Triumph's superb provenance, these highly coveted Black & Gold California license plates are a must have for any "keeper." Your buddies will be jealous of these treasures that define California Dreamin' in the '60s.

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** Original Owner's Handbook for 1962 Triumph TR4
** Factory Triumph TR4 Workshop Manual - complete with owner's handwritten notes
** Lots of past receipts accompany the car...many from the '60s - '80s

THE actual "Window Sticker" from January 1962 shows the Triumph was sold new at Leslie Motors in Monterey, California

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TR4 sports an early slab-side design. Quite progressive for its time, considering many other Brit cars of the era were rounded and swoopy. It's quite clear to see here where the later TR6 got its genetic codes from.

Driving a British roadster makes you feel like a kid in a candy store...excited and full of energy. And that Sound! The experience is pure fun - both for driver and passenger. This car instantly transfers you to another era when The Beatles were always playing and taking an afternoon drive in the country was something you looked forward to.

Cockpit is truly race inspired - it offers a complete instrument panel with separate readouts for oil / temperature / voltage. All the gauges function and provide good readings. Speedometer is a little off, indicating a higher MPH than you're actually going. Lights work, so do wipers. Signals function, but intermittently; I believe the contacts should be cleaned for a better connection.


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The TR's sporty, yet classic facia features the sought after painted metal dash, brushed aluminum trim, and large, chrome Jaeger gauges - the desired "domed" glass style left over from TR3 production. Banjo steering wheel and lots of pull-knobs definitely look the part on this '60s British convertible.


Amazingly, the correct blue with white piping interior is in very good shape; it must have been renovated sometime in its life. Seats and door panels are in clean condition. Carpets look older, but are still presentable. Top of dash is in good condition, some of the bottom black trim that runs under the gauges on the driver side has deteriorated; so has fabric beading around the doors.

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The TR4's boot cover in matching blue is also included and makes for a nice "completed" look when the top is off.


This TR4 also features one of the most important prerequisites for owning a vintage British Roadster: The Tonneau Cover . It easily snaps on, zips up, and can be removed or installed within minutes. Pretend you're the "outlaw." Coolsville....
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Classic 3-window design looks sporty on this little Triumph. Top isn't new, but it's in good shape, and windows are clear - not all fogged up. Windshield is in good shape, and proudly displays vintage stickers, like a period race car. Rubber molding should be replaced, however, as it's quite weathered. Side windows roll up/down just fine. One "Taylor" key locks both doors and operates the ignition, too...just like it's supposed to be.
Antique English White is the Triumph's factory colour. It was probably re-sprayed decades ago, but actually shines quite nicely on the sides and trunk lid. Front bonnett, however, has considerable chipping, indicating the paint is pretty old. Front bumper has its share of flaking.


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Sides are straight and don't show any evidence of damage or accidents. Doors close easily and solid. There's one baseball sized dent on the driver's rear fender near the trunk, but thanks to a white finish, it sort of blends in.

Undercarriage is original, and the frame rails are straight and solid. Due to living near the coast, in addition to the ravages of time, this TR has unfortunately fallen prey to some corrosion, most notably on the passenger side. Floorboard, rocker, and right front fender will need addressing. Aftermarket replacements can now be had quite easily, thanks to a global network of vendors and enthusiasts on the internet.

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Although not the best scenario, replacing these components on cars of this vintage is quite common nowadays. After 50 years, the elements take their toll, and these cars weren't designed to last forever. Whether it's a classic Porsche, Jaguar, or even a VW or Karmann-Ghia, they all fall prey to the same damage under similar circumstances. However, many savvy enthusiasts recognize this and proceed with the work, knowing that it's the rarity of the car and the opportunity to acquire a sound investment that keeps them going. Work and labor can always be done; finding the car cannot.

Trunk is plain and simple, containing spare steel wheel and cardboard liner. Trunk is solid, with exception of a couple small holes on the bottom.

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Up front, you’ll find the robust Triumph four-cylinder motor, equipped with SU carburetors. It's a tried and true specimen, yet is very reliable and simple. Turn the key, and the raspy exhaust note that is "music" to any British sportscar lover's ear, instantly comes to life. What's wonderful about vintage Triumphs is that they're so simple to work on. You can perform much of the maintenance with just basic hand tools, and all parts are available through on-line vendors like Moss Motors.com .


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This TR4 has been sitting for sometime, but it has just been recommissioned in the wake of Summer. It runs very good and is a blast to drive. I've test-driven the TR, making it part of my daily routine running errands, etc. to work out the bugs, and right now, she's running great!

Some items like fuel lines, and the belt are fine now, but should be changed if a long journey or road rally is in the works. Oil pressure is excellent; and the temperature is always cool. The motor sounds wonderful, too. It just ticks along like a wristwatch. There's no odd sounds or scary noises. Brakes are good and stop the TR as they're supposed to. Handbrake is inoperable as it doesn't catch in the locked position.

Lever on steering column activates over-drive unit.

Transmission is fine, too. Clutch is good with no chattering or odd sounds. Shifting requires a little skill, as is quite common with British cars of this vintage, but everything is good...no popping out of gears, etc. This TR4 is equipped with a desirable Over-Drive unit for the transmission, so the revs aren’t so high on the open road. This option is highliy sought after; and it WORKS, too!

Take a Test Drive!
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The raspy roar of the exhaust....the top-down allure of a European milestone design...the cache of a vintage British motorcar....all these tickle the senses and add to the pride of TR4 ownership.

The example offered here presents a good value and opportunity in the world of rare British sportscars. This Triumph is not a perfect show car, but it is HONEST with a nice history, literature, and Black CA plates. This TR4 will make a great collectible for someone who’s always wanted a British convertible, or sold their Triumph years ago and has regretted it ever since.

Now’s the time to make that purchase of a collectible "fun vehicle" you might have been putting off year after year. Don't settle for the countless "projects" that require tons of sorting or don't even run. This one's a turnkey car you can start driving right away this summer. Make this early TR4 roadster part of your lifestyle and investment portfolio for the coming years. Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?

This '62 Triumph is being sold in a Buy it Now at $9,250 format. It is offered For Sale right now, at a disclosed price, so don't let it get away. Bid to Win!

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